WE:TALK Live Music podcast centers Episode around ETEP

Episode 4 of the We Talk: Live Music podcast is centred around ETEP. 

Host Paul Cheetham talks with Ruud Berends (ESNS & ETEP), Steve Nickolls (U.T.A.), Cindy Castillo (Mad Cool Festival), and Hannes Tschürtz about what ETEP is and what it means to them.


Welcome to Episode 4 of the We Talk : Live Music podcast, brought to you by VIP-Booking.com Once again your host, Paul Cheetham, is surrounded by guests of the very highest quality.

You might have already heard about showcase festivals and programs like ETEP (European Talent Exchange Program), but what do they do exactly and how do they help Artists, Festivals and Agents move forward?

In this episode we dig deeper into ETEP and talk to some of the people involved about their experiences and how they have benefited from the program…

Listen to the episode here!